Our services are modern and hi-tech, but our reasoning is rooted in history. Centuries ago stories were passed down from generation to generation, words etched in stone, and ink to papyri. The latter was used to reinforce the gospel message in the first century; the apostles not only traveled and preached but wrote to churches they had already been to and to ones they hoped to reach.

The printing press was invented fifteen centuries later and created the opportunity for information to be written and reproduced in ways unknown to history. The same message the apostles preached was being printed across Europe as the Reformers wrote, taught, and preached on the gospel and sola fide.

A few more centuries passed then the radio and television were invented. It did not take long before they’re employed in the spreading of the gospel. Entire stations and channels became dedicated to biblical teaching around the world. Pastors and bible scholars could reach people on their drives to work, working in the field, or sitting in their living rooms.

Communication channels have increased six fold in the last three decades. From television, radio, fax, and some others, media have grown to include social networking sites, e-mail, and text messaging, among others. Not only has the number of avenues changed, but the rate at which they grow has as well. It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million users – 38 years – but it only took Instagram six months.

The Church has a trend of adopting the technology of the era to enhance its ability to share the gospel. As the digital age is coming into full swing, it’s becoming necessary for local churches to be present where people spend their time, online. Some larger churches are able to hire and staff entire creative departments, but most aren’t. These things take time, skill, and manpower, and Sixteen Forty Six is here to fill those gaps.

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