#Channels: Instagram

Instagram is a photo/video publishing app acquired by Facebook in 2012. Users have the ability to take or upload pictures and video, write captions, and apply filters to them before posting them to their profile. As they interact with others’ posts, users can comment on them, like them, and tag others on the post. They … More #Channels: Instagram

#Channel: Text

A short message service (SMS) allows cellular or internet-connected devices to send text-only messages from one to the other.1 Most of us do this daily and call it texting. Once churches start communicating through this channel, the stakes are raised. This is by far the most personal form of communication between an organization and an individual. … More #Channel: Text

#Channels: Mail

Here’s a terrible predicament: having endless paper in a paperless world.1 The world is definitely going digital. I know it’s not uncommon for small newspapers to have been made obsolete by Facebook. It’s a lot easier to share an article written by a much larger news syndicate than it is to wait for and read … More #Channels: Mail

#Channels: Print

Most of us remember learning how to ride a bike, the excitement and fear, the uncertainty of balance that made our lives flash before our eyes at every slight wobble. Yet we learned that realized the way through all of that was to look forward, keep the handles straight, and pedal: left, right, left, right, … More #Channels: Print