#Channels: Intro

Old houses mean old pipes. We had to have work done on our house’s plumbing recently. A pipe had cracked from the weight of the foundation settling on it, so the plumber had to dig under the house. He ran into two problems in the midst of his efforts: the first of which was roots. … More #Channels: Intro

#Channels: E-Mail

Email marketing is one of the most ubiquitous digital platforms. There are approximately 3.7 billion email users worldwide, and that number is expected to continue growing.1 Stated as a percentage, 92% of online adults have an email account, and most use it daily.2 There are also 205 billion e-mails sent everyday.3 The big takeaway is that there is … More #Channels: E-Mail

#Channels: Facebook

There are a few companies that have sprung up in the last few decades and have dominated their markets. Amazon is one of them. Amazon is now larger than Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, JC Penny, and Sears… combined.1 Facebook stepped in about a decade ago and quickly eclipsed the other social media platforms. … More #Channels: Facebook

#Channels: Instagram

Instagram is a photo/video publishing app acquired by Facebook in 2012. Users have the ability to take or upload pictures and video, write captions, and apply filters to them before posting them to their profile. As they interact with others’ posts, users can comment on them, like them, and tag others on the post. They … More #Channels: Instagram

#Channel: Text

A short message service (SMS) allows cellular or internet-connected devices to send text-only messages from one to the other.1 Most of us do this daily and call it texting. Once churches start communicating through this channel, the stakes are raised. This is by far the most personal form of communication between an organization and an individual. … More #Channel: Text